I’m an energy expert – here are the best ways to save cash and the money-saving myths

CASH-strapped Scots trying to save money on their energy are wasting their time, experts say.

With the cost of living soaring and gas and electricity bills going through the roof, it is no surprise savvy householders are keen to cut their outgoings.


Washing dishes by hand is a no no when it comes to saving energy
Helen Skeleton co-authored the report


Helen Skeleton co-authored the report

In fact, recent stats reveal three-quarters of Scots have changed their energy habits to balance the books.

But the research, by campaign group Smart Energy GB, also shows 25 per cent of Scots are confused by conflicting advice. And householders north of the border are more baffled by bills than the rest of the UK.

Meanwhile, nearly 70 per cent are making changes that have little or no impact.

The most common energy-saving myth is that hand-washing all dishes, instead of using a dishwasher, saves energy. In fact, it can use up to nine times as much water and require more energy to heat it.

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One in five Scots have tried keeping the heating on permanently at a low setting instead of turning it on and off when needed, which is actually likely to lead to energy loss throughout the day.

A further fifth admit to putting electronic devices in sleep mode overnight rather than turning them off completely, which would save more energy.

Common energy-saving habits among Scots that ARE effective however, include only filling the kettle with the amount of water needed, improving their home’s insulation and turning the TV off at the plug rather than leaving it on standby.

Smart Energy GB, a non-profit Government-backed campaign to help householders understand smart meters, has teamed up with telly presenter Helen Skelton to make sure Scots are getting the most from their hard-earned cash after the price cap on energy was lifted at the start of this month.

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