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The Inverness city manager and one of its councilmen aren’t the ones typically tasked with a demolition job on a city construction project. But there’s nothing typical about the city’s former train station.

To save money and meet the deadline of having the new tenants in the station and operating by July 3, City Manager Eric Williams and Councilman Gene Davis and two other city field workers dismantled the former train station’s 90-foot-long deck and hauled away broken lumber that couldn’t be salvaged.

Williams told the Chronicle that the motivation behind his and Davis’ efforts was to save the city money and time.

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That’s because the city’s most recent problems with the building just outside Liberty Park will most likely require excavation work under the former train station in addition to other repairs.

Williams earlier this month told the city council the estimated cost to fix the latest problems would be $50,000 – $100,000.

Earlier this month Williams told his council bosses that as the tenant’s new contractor was getting the building ready to move in, he found problems with the former train station’s electrical system as well as water drainage problems with the rear deck and gutter system and water collection problems under the raised building.

Williams told the Chronicle that costs for repairs for the latest set of problems are well above $40,000 thus far. But he said he believes he can keep it under $100,000.

He said dismantling the long deck and using city trucks to haul portions away saved the city time so other…

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