Jack Monroe’s eight easy ways to cut down on food waste and save money in your home

As climate fears and the cost of living crisis dominate headlines, leaving many families scared about what the future holds, activist, cook and writer Jack Monroe is trying to change the way we eat – with waste in mind.

They have partnered with Twitter to create a thread accessible to anyone on the platform to highlight recipes that use up common household waste. It comes after Monroe shared a blog post last week critical of the current online discourse around money-saving cooking.

Monroe posted: “In the leadup to #WorldEarthDay I’m working with Twitter UK to share my zero-waste recipes and create a kind of #NoWasteCookbook – a collection of recipes and ideas here on Twitter. Starting with five of my fave recipes that use some of the most commonly wasted foods in the UK…” 

Here are some of the best tips shared:

Spinach: if it doesn’t go down well at the dinner table, blend it up for use as a topping

1. Make pre-bagged salad pesto 

“One of the most thrown away items in the UK is pre-prepared salad,” says Monroe. “You can knock it into a pesto with just a handful of simple ingredients. Use it on pasta, potato salads, soups or sandwiches or cheese on toast.” 

If you bought salad for a BBQ or dinner party and realised it wasn’t that popular, blending it and using it as a delicious topping is a great idea. Pre-prepared salad is expensive for what it is, so there’s no point in wasting good veg and hard-earned…

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