Jail avoided over 89yo pedestrian’s death

A Sydney driver has been spared immediate jail time for knocking down and killing an elderly grandfather who was crossing the road after getting the green light for pedestrians.

Antonino Gagliano, 52, was instead given a two-year jail sentence to be served in the community by way of an intensive corrections order (ICO).

The maintenance electrician had pleaded guilty to dangerous driving occasioning the death of Jerzy Starzyk, 89, in Ashfield in April 2019.

In the NSW District Court on Thursday, Judge Phillip Mahony said Gagliano was genuinely remorseful, otherwise of good character and of a low risk of reoffending.

He had stopped his Toyota Prado 4WD at a set of red lights and when the vehicle in front of him went straight ahead after the lights changed, he turned left.

But he failed to notice a red turning light and a green walking light for pedestrians.

Conditions of the ICO include carrying out 300 hours of community service and he’s been disqualified from driving for two years.

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