“Jimmy Butler told me to invest in ‘Big Face Coffee’ for $15 million”: Bam Adebayo dishes on just how much money his Miami Heat co-star asked of him on JJ Redick podcast

Bam Adebayo hilariously talks about Jimmy Butler wanting him to invest $15 million into his ‘Big Face Coffee’ brand. 

Jimmy Butler joining the Miami Heat to be the man after being a bounce away from the Eastern Conference Finals on a loaded Philadelphia 76ers team was heavily scrutinized. Then, in his first year with the Heat after leaving Joel Embiid and company, Jimmy led them to the NBA Finals and were two games away from winning a championship. 

The Marquette alum proved that when the lights shine brightest, he would come through as whatever the Miami Heat needed him to be. He would have games of 10+ assists with less than 15 points and he would have monster 40+ point triple doubles. The duality of Jimmy Butler is one of the more interesting storylines in the NBA.

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Apart from tearing defenses up on NBA hardwood, Butler seems to be focused on building an entire brand of his own from scratch. 

‘Big Face’ is what Butler came up with and it quickly turned into something that was more than just a pastime he picked up the DisneyWorld bubble. 

Bam Adebayo on Jimmy Butler asking for $15 million. 

Butler’s obsession with coffee led him to make ‘Big Face Coffee’ but this being a passion of his didn’t deter him from making money from it. He’s notoriously been ‘overpricing’ his coffee with him selling cups for $20 each in the Bubble. 

Of course, for world-class athletes making millions a year, this wouldn’t be a problem but several NBA stars were hilariously complaining about Jimmy Butler swindling them. At this year’s Miami Open, Jimmy kept his coffee at more affordable prices as he started it off with $8.

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