Laundry: Use the dryer ball hack to ‘save money’ using your tumble dryer – ‘costs less’

Tumble dryers are amazing appliances for drying clothes fast, but they also contribute to high energy bills. As the energy price cap has increased by 54 percent now, if these time-savers were costly before, they’ll be even more so now. Household laundry is one of the biggest sources of energy cost for homeowners, and there are roughly 14 million households using electricity to dry clothes. 

Different household appliances use up different volumes of energy, meaning the costs of running each can vary.

Devices that produce heat – like kettles, microwaves, and tumble dryers – use up a lot more energy than those that produce light or sound. So, those looking for ways to cut costs, they’ll want to be turning to their heated appliances.

Laundry experts at Everything Homes said: “We have a handful of helpful tips which will save you money and energy consumption, at the same time as ensuring your laundry dries.”

They advised that tumble dryer balls should be added to every drying load to save energy as they reduce strung time by up to 25 percent.

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Tumble dryer filters should always be clean and kept free from lint.

The lint filter collects fluff from your clothes – sometimes a very surprising amount. If this gets blocked, the hot air won’t be able to circulate as freely.

It can actually become flammable if you let it build up too much, so it’s best to just clear it as soon as possible.

The experts explained: “Tumble dryer guides advise to clean the filters after every use, and by doing so you can help keep your tumble dryer working efficiently as the air flow will not be impeded.

“This means the appliance will not need to work as hard to dry clothes nor will it take as long to dry clothes.”

Many modern dryers come with an automated…

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