Sustainability and Prosperity – 2local is an innovative blockchain-powered platform that encourages sustainability and prosperity for everyone in the world.

Ticker: L2L
ICO Token price: 1 L2L = 0.00031233 USD
Сan't participate: USA, Canada, Algeria, Bolivia, Egypt, Iran, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, United Arab (U.S. will be added in later stage)
Accepts the following: Stellar



2local is an innovative blockchain-powered platform that encourages sustainability and prosperity for everyone in the world. It provides a convenient market place for consumers to connect with companies that produce local and/or sustainable goods and services. Using their native L2L stablecoins, consumers receive a cashback for local and sustainable purchases.

2local wants to contribute to a sustainable world. The sustainable development goals of the UN serve as a guideline. 2local endorses all objectives, but mainly wants to contribute to a world without poverty and hunger and with good health and well-being. Clean water, sanitation, and affordable and sustainable energy are indispensable. It is about reducing inequality with responsible consumption and production (no unnecessary transports). 2local is committed to innovation and sustainable business with care for the environment and climate, fair work and economic growth. With this, 2local wants to contribute to a new global partnership that is necessary to achieve the UN objectives. In addition, action is needed from everyone!

Companies that can prove that they produce locally and sustainably can get a 2local note in their wallet. This allows people who buy from them to receive L2L tokens that can be exchanged for coins up to a certain maximum (once a month). To be eligible for a 2local note, companies can register at https://2local.io and complete a questionnaire. For example, these can be companies that are affiliated with organizations that possess sustainability characteristics or that produce regional products. The 2local team decides which organizations will receive notes. Once issued, a note can be withdrawn at any time.

An important part of the 2local.io website is the marketplace section. Users can search for companies affiliated with 2local using filters, such as distance to a postal code and type of product or service. This search option is unique in the sustainable sector, and brings consumers closer to companies that sell sustainably and / or locally. Affiliated companies receive free advertising and more potential customers. The website marketplace functionality will be available in the beginning of 2020.

Everyone who purchases L2L tokens will receive their own account in a digital wallet. Purchases or transfers over € 1,000 per month will automatically receive a KYC test. The Dutch company PESCHECK provides the KYC test, which fully complies with current legislation around the world. A dashboard indicates the amount of available L2L tokens, history of purchases, transfers and cashback L2L tokens received. The account offers the opportunity to enter all personal information and set up Two Factor Authentication (2FA)




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