Live from Abu Ghosh, it’s the orchestra

The press release came with the uncompromising generous font-sized headline – ‘We won’t stopping playing!!!!’ – yes, replete with four full exclamation points.In normal times, such an opener would smack strongly of hyperbole and overdoing the marketing shtick, but in these challenging COVID-19 times the advent of a concert, especially one by the Israel Chamber Orchestra (ICO) in the gorgeous surroundings of the Kiryat Yearim Church in Abu Ghosh is a particularly enticing prospect.The performance, which will be broadcast via YouTube, Facebook and on the ICO web site, takes place this evening (Thursday) at 8 p.m., with flutist-conductor Ariel Zuckerman directing proceedings as the ensemble works its way through a Baroque itinerary featuring Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach’s Symphony in C major, Wq. 182, No. 3 and Georg Philipp Telemann’s Concerto for Recorder and Flute, TWV 52:e1, to give them their fully detailed titular due. There are also three Vivaldi pieces in the lineup, including La Folia, (Madness), which gives its name to the whole program, and Sinfonia in B Minor, RV 169 “Al Santo Sepolcro” (At the Holy Sepulchre).Zuckerman will not make do with just wielding his baton, and will also demonstrate why he is a well thought of international flutist, taking the lead in Vivaldi’s Concerto for Flute in D, aka the “Goldfinch” concerto, and sharing the spotlight in the Telemann work, which was originally written for recorder and flute but will be performed in Abu Ghosh for flute and oboe. Other soloists include cellist Shalev Ad-El and oboist Dudu Carmel.La Folia makes for an exciting evening’s entertainment with, in particular, the “Goldfinch concerto” – originally called Il Gardellino – getting the proceedings off to a compelling start. There is some “local” fare on the roster too in the form of Vivaldi’s Sinfonia in B Minor. There is some conjecture over the identity of the eponymous chapel, with some scholars arguing the case of the late 15th century Sacro Monte complex in Varallo, Italy. The chapel there is a scaled-down replica of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.For more information:

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