Make $5,700 in Passive Income Investing in These 3 Monster Dividend Stocks

Is making easy money a fantasy? Yes and no. 

On one hand, the old adage that “it takes money to make money” is true. Accumulating enough money to invest that will enable you to generate a significant level of passive income isn’t typically an easy task.

However, once you have a large enough amount to invest, it’s not too difficult to rake in quite a bit of money on an annual basis. If you have $100,000, you can make more than $5,700 in passive income investing in these monster dividend stocks.

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1. Enterprise Products Partners

A great start would be to take one-third of your initial $100,000 and buy shares of midstream energy company Enterprise Products Partners ( EPD 0.07% ). Its dividend yield currently stands at 6.94%. That’s enough to generate around $2,313 in annual income.

There’s a very good chance that your actual income will be even higher in the future. Enterprise Products Partners has increased its distribution for 23 consecutive years. With business booming, the company should be in a great position to keep that streak going.

But with its focus on transporting and storing fossil fuels, is Enterprise in jeopardy of becoming a fossil itself? I don’t think so. An estimated 60% of current oil use doesn’t have a viable alternative. And the International Energy Agency projects that the demand for oil and gas will actually increase by 18% by 2040.

Enterprise is also developing carbon capture and storage, green hydrogen, and other capabilities. The company is arguably well-positioned to thrive, even in the midst of increased adoption of electric vehicles. The bottom line is that this stock should be able to deliver impressive passive income to investors for a long time to come.

2. Medical Properties Trust

Another $33,333 of your initial investment could be used to scoop up shares of Medical Properties Trust ( MPW -0.39% ). Its dividend yields 5.63%. You’d be able to make roughly $1,877 per year in passive income from MPT’s dividend…

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