Make Groceries Last: 6 Preservation Tips

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With grocery prices soaring, making food stretch is crucial. But for many, that’s hard to accomplish simply because they don’t know where to start. Consider taking tips from someone who doesn’t have a choice but to make their groceries last.

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Hilary Messer-Barrow wrote a piece for Insider about living in a food desert in Yukon, Canada where the nearest grocery store is five hours away. Messer-Barrow only shops for food every two months, and so must make every trip count. Here’s how she and her husband make their food last:

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1. Planning and Inventory

Before every big haul mission, Messer-Barrow and her husband thoroughly go through their pantry and freezer to itemize what they have and what they need. During this time, they plan ahead. What holiday or special occasion is coming up within the next two months that they may need food or drinks for? Write it all down on a shopping list and make sure to make space. This intense planning isn’t just helpful for knowing what to buy, it helps eliminate any impulse buying by making the shopping experience intentional and fully thought out.

2. Organize by Expiration Date

Once home with their haul, Messer-Barrow and her husband stock their fridge so that items that will go bad first are at the front and the items that…

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