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Whether you are a novice trader looking to learn more about investing or an experienced investor searching for the right resources to stay educated about financial markets, Interactive Brokers is here for you! Interactive Brokers Group, which was founded as a market maker in 1977, now operates one of the largest electronic trading platforms in the United States. Clients from over 200 countries and territories worldwide can access 150 markets, 23 currencies and invest in a wide range of global products from a single integrated platform. Known for transparent and low commissions, breadth of product globally, powerful trading platforms, and advanced technology, Interactive Brokers has historically catered to experienced traders interested in educating themselves. For this reason, Interactive Brokers offers many educational resources that can be used to help students gain financial insights, learn how to trade for themselves, and teach others how to navigate the public markets.


Now more than ever, college students are becoming financially savvy and opting to strategically invest their money through stocks, bonds, and funds. Instead of simply letting your money sit in a bank account, join the wave of growing your wealth through smart investing! Want to begin developing healthy financial habits and reaping the benefits of a high returns-to-effort ratio inherent in investing your money, but don’t know where to start? Interactive Brokers is the ultimate resource hub for anything you may need to begin your investing journey and become well-versed in intelligent investing practices.

Few businesses and investment advising services pay attention to the distinct financial needs of college students, nor do they present sufficient guidance for young adults looking to familiarize themselves with the industry. Thankfully, IBKR Campus is a resource center that houses six different educational resources aimed to help young traders like you gain better intuition about financial markets and stay updated on current…

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