There’s no denying it — squirrels are nature’s greatest investor. And with the help of his over-engineered backyard mazes, Mark Rober has helped prove that squirrels are some of nature’s greatest athletes, too.

So we thought it only made sense for Acorns and Mark Rober to team up and showcase our bushy-tailed friends’ brains and brawn all at once. In Backyard Squirrelympics 3.0, Mark puts the squirrels up against their toughest challenge yet — each other! — and helps explain why it can make so much sense to invest like a squirrel.

What can squirrels teach us about money? 

Acorns was designed to help us humans follow in the (very tiny) footsteps of one of the greatest investors in the forest — the squirrel! Here’s what we’ve learned — and how Acorns can help you put those lessons into practice:

Long-term investing

Tiny can turn mighty with time. When a squirrel looks at an acorn, they don’t see a small nut. They see a giant oak in the making! All it takes is time.

Acorns is built for long-term investing, because no matter how much (or how little) you have, the power of time can give your money a chance to grow.


Squirrels don’t put all their nuts in one place — they bury them all over! In investing, that’s called “diversification.” It means your money is spread across a mix of asset types — and it can help reduce risk, too.

And when you invest with Acorns, you’re investing in a diversified portfolio built by experts. And don’t worry about picking the right mix! We’ll recommend a portfolio matched to your money goals and automatically rebalance your investments as you go.


Sometimes when a squirrel buries an acorn, it grows into an oak tree — and then that oak tree makes more acorns for that squirrel and all its little squirrel babies! 

That’s basically how “compounding” works — and why Acorns automatically reinvests your dividends and your gains. We know money can’t grow on trees, but it can grow on…

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