Martin Lewis issues washing machine advice to save money as costs rise

A new cost-cutting top tip has been revealed for people struggling with the growing cost of living crisis. It’s one that’s exceptionally helpful to anyone with a washing machine.

The tip comes from Martin Lewis, the MoneySavingExpert and host of his own ITV show, who has pulled together a new 90-point list of tips to help people survive the rising costs of life in 2022. The list comes after energy prices rose by a staggering of 54 per cent at the beginning of this month, reports the Mirror.

That rise came alongside other increases such as council tax bills going up by an average of 3.5 per cent, furthering the worries many have. Now, Mr Lewis has created the list to help out those struggling the most.

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“On 1 April, the 54 per cent rise in the energy price cap hit 22million homes, a desperate, typical £700/year increase – catastrophic for those with the lowest incomes. Yet the pain stretches far further – when combined with all the other price rises, we will see a material drop in the standard of living for most on low to middle incomes,” Martin said of the current crisis.

“For some there is sadly no route to cut expenditure below income; that fix will need political intervention. For others, we need a collective endeavour, to work together to take financial pressures off where we can. And that is partly behind this guide.”

Among the guide’s tips is that of how to save money on washing. It’s not just Martin who gives advice here, with one savvy saver calling on people to always keep an eye on the weather. This is so that they can dry their clothes outside rather than use washing machines and tumble dryers – both of which are costly to household bills.

“Watch the weather report. Sun due…

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