Microcredits for rent, not activated after two months

The Government approved on March 30, more than two months ago, to launch a microcredit offer worth up to 1,200 million, through banks and with the support of the Official Credit Institute (ICO), to help tenants in economic difficulties due to the crisis to pay the rent of their houses (a maximum of 900 euros per month and six monthly payments). After this time, this aid has not begun to materialize due to delays in its development and processing.

The bank hopes to be able to offer the aforementioned microcredits in the coming days. Financial institutions were waiting for the ICO to publish the final characteristics of this system and, therefore, some procedural issues were clarified, doubts raised above all by the main banks, according to Efe sources in the sector.

The ICO has already transferred the conditions of the line of guarantees and highlights that it has prepared the system for entities to operate, although for the moment only small banks such as Abanca, Unicaja Banco, Liberbank, Cajamar, Laboral Kutxa and the Ontinyent and Pollença savings banks.

This list will increase as the entities and the ICO sign the corresponding agreements and, clarified the doubts between both parties, it is expected that “in the next few days” it will sign with the large entities, which will be a key step for the aid can really reach those affected.

The loans must be requested by the tenant in the entity before September 30 and the bank will be responsible for paying the property owner month by month, with an initial payment, if applicable, of the monthly payments not paid since April 1 until the signature of the credit. Microcredits are designed for tenants in a vulnerable situation, being unemployed, affected by an ERTE or being self-employed with sharp falls in income.

The measure, after being approved by the Council of Ministers at the end of March, first had a regulatory development that lasted more than a month, so that the ministerial order did not arrive until early May. The ICO then refined some details and after that there was still the signature with the banks of the agreement.

The bureaucracy has delayed the implementation of this financial aid to housing so long that the measure has gradually lost interest, as private agreements are voluntarily closed every day between tenants and homeowners.


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