Mint brings financial literacy to consumers, underserved communities to help improve money habits

Source: Mint

Mint, a personal finance app, is offering users simple tools to help manage their finances during these financially stressful times. In addition to budgeting, the app is offering users two new features: Subscription tracking and bill payment negotiations.

Mint is a simple to use app and provides users with a free way to better manage their finances. Users connect all of their accounts — including credit cards, loans, subscriptions, and investments — to the Mint app so that everything is in one, accessible place.

The app will track spending, income, what bills are due, and what subscriptions you’re paying, among other transactions. It’s an intuitive way to monitor cash flow in one place. Users get alerts about when bill payments are due and can set personalized budgets to help save money.

Consumers could use an edge during a rapidly evolving and financially stressful environment created by the storm of rising gas prices, an ongoing global pandemic, and inflation growing to 8.5% in March. Mint seeks to give it to them.

“We’re still in the midst of the inflation journey, so there’s still a lot of uncertainty and unknowns about where this is going, but I think the most important thing is to have as much insight and awareness as possible into how [consumers are] spending money,” Varun Krishna, senior vice president and head of consumer finance of Mint at Intuit told ZDNet.

According to Krishna, consumers should consider if the purchase is a short-term discretionary cost or if it’s a long-term purchase that will support them in the future. Understanding where your money is going is the first step to creating…

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