Money for new public safety building will help save lives on the Iron Range

CHISHOLM, MN– Minnesota’s senior senator visited the Iron Range Friday to celebrate a big step forward for a life-saving project.

Senator Amy Klobuchar helped secure $3.5 million in federal funding to build a new fire hall and public safety building in Chisholm.

Their current location is more than a century old and isn’t fit for modern technology or emergency vehicles.

Klobuchar said this money will help save lives.

“We’re going to see this new project and those fire trucks going in and it’s going to be really positive for Chisholm and the surrounding area,” Klobuchar said.

City leaders are hoping to put the new public safety building on the east end of town at the former wastewater treatment plant building.

Meanwhile, $2.5 million in federal money is going to a centralized water treatment plant on the range.

That will serve East Mesabi communities and reduce utility costs.

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