Money saving chef Jack Monroe issues advice to keep weekly Asda food shop under £20

Jack Monroe has shared tips for how people can reduce the cost of their weekly food shop at Asda.

The former foodbank user has become a viral sensation on social media with her money saving advice. The poverty campaigner issued the advice on Twitter in February and put it into practice this month during a shop to Asda over the Easter Weekend.

The 34-year-old urged people to keep costs down by doing a full stock take of what’s in the cupboard, fridge and freezer. She told the Manchester Evening News : “I get an A4 sheet of lined paper and divide it into four vertical columns: proteins, carbohydrates, fruit and veg, and the end column is split into two, flavours and snacks.

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“Then I go through the fridge, freezer and cupboard and note down every single thing I have in. When I’m feeling extra meticulous I weigh it all, but usually I do an estimate of the number of units or portions.”

The Bootstrap Cook highlights things that need using imminently, including fruit on the turn or fresh produce nearing its use by date, planning meals around them, adding in flavours and products from the other columns.

She added: “Starting with protein first, and trying to pick one thing from each column, helps visualise and create balanced meals. It also means that my shopping list for the week is made up of ‘gap filling’ – so if i’m running low on fruit and veg, I’ll prioritise that. If I’m short on whole grains, I’ll pick up some brown rice.”

On Good Friday, Jack headed out to Asda armed with a strict shopping list, wheeled trolley and 32ltr backpack.

The savvy shopper added: “Before Asda brought the Smartprice range back in full nationwide, I would take either my 32l backpack or my wheely trolley to do my big £20 shop….

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