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While energy bills have skyrocketed over recent months, one question that Britons have been asking themselves is ‘Is it cheaper to shower or bath?’ Not only has come up with the answer, but here are 20 tried and tested ways people can make savings with a few simple changes to their everyday routines.

1. Have shorter showers
Is it cheaper to have a shower or a bath is a commonly asked question. The general rule is that a 15-minute shower will use almost the same amount of water as a bath. Encourage family members to shower for between five and ten minutes by creating a ‘shower playlist’ before they go in. If they won’t listen, it’s better to have a bath.

2. Replace leaky taps
Not only will the dripping noise drive Britons mad, but it could also be adding £100 to their bill, according to Top Trades People.

3. Claim water saving freebies
Some water companies offer accessories to manage water flow, showerheads that distribute the flow more efficiently and shower timers.

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4. Weigh up whether to get a water meter
The general rule of thumb is that if there re more rooms than people one might benefit from a water meter. However, get it wrong and bills could increase.

5. Use the dishwasher
A full dishwasher is cheaper than washing up – a great excuse to ditch those rubber gloves.

6. Fill up the washing machine
Many newer machines have a mix wash option where people can bung lights and darks in together and wash at 20 or 30°C. Try not to use the half load option.

7. Ditch the tumble dryer
Hopefully the summer months will bring with them plenty of opportunity to dry clothes outdoors. If using a tumble dryer is a must, blogger Lara recommends popping a tennis ball in the drum to dry clothes quicker.

8. Never boil more water than…

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