Money saving tips 2022 — Savings expert reveals how to get 12 items for just $15 at Dollar Tree – find out her trick

A SAVING’S guru has revealed how to get a dozen items on a tight budget at Dollar Tree.

The woman behind the Frugal Fit Mom page on YouTube, Christine, managed to purchase 12 items for just $15 at the discount variety store that could feed her for a full seven days. 

The shopper says her first stop on a Dollar Store trip is the breakfast section because items like grits, boxes of cereal, and even pancake mix, can often offer something filling with a lot of servings.

Next, she looked for protein and ultimately decided on a can of Vienna sausages and some canned chicken. 

She also purchased some other items like beans and canned green beans, successfully keeping her budget at $15.

For other tips on how to save money at retailers, a shopping pro reveals how you can find hidden clearance items at Walmart.

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