New Year, better sleep: Here are 4 of the best sleep sales happening now

We can all resolve to get higher quality sleep this year.

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It’s the first post-New Year holiday weekend of 2023. And while I may not believe in new year’s resolutions, I do believe that we can all resolve to get higher quality sleep this year. A huge step towards better sleep is making sure your bed is a great place to be.

Thankfully, January offers a ton of so-called “white sales,” where some of the most-beloved sleep brands are offering killer sales on sheets, blankets, comforters and mattresses. And publications from Consumer Reports to Real Simple say that January is the time to buy bedding if you want deals. This year, here are four of our favorite bedding sales, and we have all the details on what to buy from each retailer below: 

Sweet dreams!

If you need a new comforter: Brooklinen

If you’re looking for a new comforter — or a new weighted blanket for that matter — Brooklinen is offering 15% off comforters and weighted blankets, plus an extra 10% off sitewide. 

Need some specific guidance on what to buy from Brooklinen? The comforter below is my personal pick, and other reviewers like it too. Indeed, a reviewer at Business Insider writes of this comforter: “Out of all the products I’ve tested over the last 5 years, this Brooklinen comforter is the one I recommend to friends and family the most.” That said, it might be a little too warm…

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