Nigerians Shun Red Flags For Big Bucks As Ponzi Schemes Thrives

“I was served a three months quit notice by my landlord and my children were sent home from school daily. My story changed when I invested N10,000 in a ponzi investment scheme and my life changed for good,” said a notorious ponzi scheme investor Samson Ugochukwu.

Speaking with LEADERSHIP Weekend Ugochukwu said between January 2021 to date he has invested in five Ponzi schemes. He said three out of the five ponzi schemes have crashed.

“Out of the five Ponzi schemes, three have crashed while two others are still waxing strong. But, I can’t stop investing in ponzi because it has changed my life for good.

‘’On the contrary, I simply tell new investors that I won’t be held responsible if they lose their money, yet they won’t listen to me. All they will tell me is to send them a referral code. My success is always a driving force for them to invest, I think.

“I simply monitor the inflow of people and investment and quit when the ovation is loudest. I think there is dignity in quitting when the ovation is loudest,” said Ugochukwu while boosting his ability to read Ponzi scheme trends.

While Ugochukwu has made a fortune while investing in ponzi schemes, many Nigerians have lost billions of naira amid their greed to get rich.

An investor with a self-styled CEO of Ovaioza Farm Produce Storage Business, Mabel Sibi Agbenyo lamented that she has lost millions in the platform.

Agbenyo claimed to have had a dream that the investment platform was going to collapse but failed to follow her dream power.

For Mariline Oluchi, she said she lost 27.9 million in the investment.

She said, “My cumulative money on the dashboard is above N27.9 million. I am a partner in both corn and plantain, at the moment.

“This is not just my money but that of the people under me. My family, my friends, and even some of the people I work with. So, I am not just speaking as a supposed friend now, but as a partner too.

“Since all of this started, we as Ovaioza’s friends have held hope. We believed…

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