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The Information Commissioner’s Office has decided to take ‘no further action’ against Holbeach Parish Council over data protection breaches, but has recommended the authority takes up set recommendations.

It follows the theft of a CCTV camera and associated memory card from Carter’s Park in June.

All Holbeach’s CCTV is to be taken down to be checked by independent professionals as a result of a reSultng investigation by Coun Sophie Hutchinson who found council staff had been told the camera’s were “not safe or secure” by a professional in March.

It led to the referral to the ICO who have urged the council to adopt all of her recommendations following the investigation.

But they won’t be taking further action saying the data protection breaches were “criminal activity and failure to follow correct procedures, rather than systemic failure.”

“However, we recommend that you implement any measures you have identified through your investigation into this matter that will help to prevent an incident of this nature happening in future.”

The recommendations the council are looking to follow include appointing a data protection officer, approve a data protection impact assessment, create an encryption policy for data that meets current standards and have an effective complaints procedure details of which must be published on the council’s website.

Cameras should have clear pictures so police can use them properly and the audio equipment on them should be turned off, the recommendations by Coun Hutchinson state.

An ICO spokesman said: “Holbeach Parish Council made us aware of an incident.

“After looking at the details, we provided the council with detailed advice and concluded no further action was necessary.”

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