Now Android Auto wants you to save money: Google Maps will show the most efficient consumption route

It’s been a long time since the shortest route ceased to be the ideal to reach our destination. In fact, that was the first big leap for browsers, being able to select which was the fastest route to reach our goal, beyond the kilometers that we had to travel along the way.

The second big leap came with the calculation of times using real-time data. The possibility that the navigators would emphasize the route depending on the traffic jams, the accident or, simply, the volume of cars on the road.

Here Google positioned itself as one of the most used browsers in our car with Google Maps. The huge number of mobiles with the activated location that use Android allowed the technology company to have an advantage over its rivals, nobody had more data than them when it came to calculating how many drivers circulated on our roads.

Now, times have changed. Arriving at our destination on time is still essential, but we also look more than ever at our pockets. For this reason, from today Google will also offer which is the most efficient route and, therefore, with which we will spend less fuel or electricity and save money.

Android Auto to consume as little as possible

A few weeks ago we told you that Google Maps had already begun to implement this function in the United States. Now, more than 40 European countries will receive this update, which includes the possibility of choosing the route in which we consume the least.

The company ensures that this new route will be established by default as long as it does not coincide with the fastest one. In that case, you can check the difference in time and fuel consumption between both routes.

For this, it will take into account the type of vehicle used, which we will mark ourselves in the application: gasoline or gas (the application will…

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