Ofcom, ICO report drop in nuisance calls to landline, mobile customers

UK mobile and landline customers are receiving fewer nuisance calls than three years go, according to an update from Ofcom and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) on their joint action plan to tackle nuisance calls and messages. 

In January 2020, 39 percent of landline customers said they had received a nuisance call on their phone, down from 61 percent in May 2017. For mobile customers, the proportion of customers receiving a nuisance call was down to 37 percent from 47 percent. 

The ICO has received around 37,000 fewer complaints about nuisance calls and messages than five years ago. It received 129,354 complaints in 2019, down 22 percent from 166,663 in 2015. Ofcom saw the number of complaints it received about silent/abandoned calls drop by half to 27,869 in 2019, from 49,648 in 2015.


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