Own a Samsung TV? How changing a simple setting will save you money

If you have a smart meter installed in your home or have just received your latest energy bill you’ll probably be shocked by the sky-high prices you’re now paying. Costs have rocketed this month with some homes being hit by record rises that could mean yearly bills hit almost £2,000. With the cost of living set to get even more expensive throughout 2022 now is a good time to make some simple changes around the home which will help shave a few pennies off of the monthly outgoings.

One very easy trick that can reduce daily energy consumption is switching some of the settings on your Samsung TV.

The Korean technology firm offers a number of Eco features on all of its latest smart tellies which lets you easily adjust the screen to help lower the amount of power it uses throughout the day.

On some of its tellies, Samsung offers five screen modes including Low, Medium and High with each reducing the energy usage by differing amounts. For example, switching things to “Low” slightly reduces the screen brightness and is perfect for when watching telly when the light begins to dim.

Hit the “High” setting and the display will drop to a much lower brightness with Samsung saying this is ideal when watching telly in a dark room.

More flagship models can be set to change the brightness automatically allowing the screen to dim as the sun sets or you pull the curtains shut.

Another setting that’s worth switching on is “Auto Power Off” as this will turn off the telly after a set amount of time has passed with nobody interacting with it.


• Press Home button on your Remote

• From the Home screen, navigate to and select Settings

• Select General

• Select Eco Solution (here you’ll find all of the options to save energy)

Clearly, these modes are not going to end your electricity nightmare but small…

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