PayFbit Launches ICO to Introduce Important Crypto Products

PayFbit, a new Smart Blockchain-enabled digital asset management platform, is planning to launch an array of crypto products and fiat assets like crypto wallet, crypto exchange, P2P Exchange, and Smart Cards in its upcoming ICO that is scheduled to held between August 12, 2020, to December 31, 2020. These products will enable the individual use of cryptocurrencies. 


This year, the PayFbit ICO is going to a very exciting event for the participants, with two new activities added on its itinerary; alongside the ICO, there will be the Bounty Program and the Referral Program. These two activities will keep the ICO participants engaged by giving them opportunities to earn exciting rewards. Individuals can participate in the PayFbit ICO by signing up on its official website. 


At the beginning of the ICO, the PFBT token (PayFbit) will be available for $0.10, and as the ICO progresses, the token price will increase. The PFBT token can be bought with leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Tether, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dash. 


PayFbit is an emerging platform that aims at decentralizing the crypto platform and induces the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies on all the core sectors of the industry. Given the rapid momentum of cryptocurrency usage, PayFbit focusses on developing and launching some customized crypto components to bring in more convenience of crypto uses for individuals. 


In the light of this endeavor, PayFbit launches the PayFbit wallet, which is a unique platform that enables the users to hold, receive, spend or convert digital currencies securely with just a swipe of your fingers. It also provides full control of the assets held by the users.

Apart from the crypto wallet, PayFbit launched a P2P Exchange, a real-time exchange focused on unlocking peer-to-peer trading, thereby allowing users to exchange digital assets directly without the interference of intermediaries. 


The P2P exchange is designed to execute high-security transactions, thereby allowing the customer to trade crypto and fiat assets confidently. PayFbit also has plans to integrate the P2P exchange with the PayFbit crypto wallet and to open the exchange for the listing of other Altcoins sometimes in the future, to enable trading of larger volumes of assets on the PayFbit platform. 


Then the launch of PayFbit Smart Card ID also marked another milestone to the success of PayFbit. With the help of the Smart Card Id synced with the user’s wallet, it will help them to use cryptocurrencies to settle payments.

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