PayPal confirms crypto interest

Inside a sales copy to the European Commission, PayPal has established the long suspected interest of its fascination with cryptocurrency plus handed out ledger technologies.

The letter, inside reaction to the EC public discussion on building a framework for marketplaces inside crypto-assets, confirms PayPal is “continuously checking as well as evaluating worldwide improvements in the crypto and blockchain/distributed ledger space”.

The payments giant says it’s specially excited about how the expertise could be used to improve financial inclusion and minimize several “pain points” in the industry.

PayPal addresses its decision to back from the Facebook-led Libra stablecoin task, verifying it’s snapping a “unilateral and tangible steps to additionally improve the abilities of its in this particular area”.


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No specifics are offered but last month, citing marketplace resources, CoinDesk found which PayPal as well as its Venmo device intend to roll away immediate cryptocurrency product sales to the drivers of its within a few months.

The EC sales copy, sent in March, stresses PayPal‘s support for a harmonised EU method of licencing, demanding a “clear group of definitions” on a variety of crypto activities and also a technology-neutral method of regulation.

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