Plymouth Furniture goes green to save customers money and to save the planet | Business

PLYMOUTH – Plymouth Furniture’s green initiatives have multiple benefits. The two most important are saving customers money and lowering the local business’s carbon footprint.

Unlike many companies, Plymouth Furniture is not new to the green business movement. According to owner Mike Shields, the company has been recycling cardboard, aluminum, metal and plastic long before the practice became commonplace.

The company has also switched from fluorescent to LED lighting in the past decade, and uses motion sensors at its warehouse and loading dock to conserve energy. The sensors are used in these areas, since workers carrying heavy furniture would not be able to turn off the lights each time they pass through the spaces.

While recycling and efficient lighting are used by many businesses, it is Plymouth Furniture’s other green initiatives that truly set it apart from other companies.

For the past five years, the company has been bringing foam used in packaging to another local company, Plymouth Foam, who recycles and reuses the material.

“We are really fortunate to be located so close to a foam manufacturer like Plymouth Foam. We average about 250 cubic feet of foam we recycle every week, about 13,000 cubic feet every year. We don’t get paid for this foam but it saves us on dumpster space and fees, and keeps that foam out of landfills,” said Shields.

The company’s most recent green initiative is the addition of 114 solar panels to the roof of the building. The panels were installed in February, and have been creating clean energy as of April 11. After the initial investment is paid off, the panels are expected to save the company $150,000-200,000 over the next 30 years,…

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