ORLANDO – As the state average for gas nears $5 per gallon, Senator Linda Stewart (D – Orlando) is calling on the governor to tap his executive power to deliver immediate fuel price relief to the people of Florida.


“People need immediate relief from these ever increasing prices,” said Senator Stewart. “Earlier this year, the Legislature passed the one-month Motor Fuel Tax Relief, which is scheduled to begin in October. At the time, we were told that delaying it until then would reap the most benefits for Floridians, as opposed to tourists. The pain of these gas prices, however, is being felt now, and delaying this critical financial relief for several months helps no one, least of all Floridians.”


Florida currently levies a tax on fuel that is roughly 25 cents per gallon. Temporarily suspending the tax on gas would help Floridians save money and give prices time to stabilize.


“I implore you to activate a State of Emergency to suspend Florida’s Gas Tax immediately, and to extend it for three additional months this summer,” the Orlando Democrat wrote. “Floridians are suffering. This pain at the pump can be felt by every Floridian across the economic spectrum, reflected not just in the cost to fill up the tank, but the cascade effect helping to drive up the prices of food, rent, insurance, the list goes on.


As the chief executive of this state, you have the power to ease this crisis. I strongly urge you to follow the lead of other state governors, and do so immediately.”


Delivering relief to suffering residents by suspending the gas tax has been a priority for a number of the nation’s governors, including New York and Georgia, which began its suspension earlier this month through the month of December.







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