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MOORHEAD — The next couple of months are going to bring in some cold weather, and some potentially high utility bills.

The general manager of Moorhead Public Service, Travis Schmidt, said Christmas lights and extended use of heaters can raise your bill over the winter.

He said some of the best ways to save money is by converting lights to LED to limit the wattage used. Schmidt added that the extra use of power with lights and heaters can take a toll on the grid, so putting them on timers is a good idea.

“Turning those lights off so they are not running 24 hours a day, (and) having them on a timer, that is valuable as well. Depending upon what temperature, if you have a temperature on your water heater, turning that down a little bit is going to save you some money as well too,” he said.

Schmidt also offered some natural ways for people to heat their homes that will not bump their utility bill.

“Check your windows, make sure they are all closed correctly and secured,” Schmidt said. “That’s a key piece to it as well too. Opening your shades during the day to get that natural light, natural heat from the sun,” he said.

He said another good way to save on utility bills is to lower the thermostat a couple of degrees to limit the usage over the winter months.

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