Reality Fair teaches money, financial decision to Springbrook students

ADRIAN — Before heading off on spring break, eighth graders at Springbrook Middle School in Adrian got a little taste of some of the realities that come along with adulthood.

A near three-hour Reality Fair was set up in the Adrian High School gymnasium March 29 and featured the involvement of 10 Lenawee County businesses and professions, all with a goal of teaching the students about the costs and expenses of adulthood.

Julia Ely, school counselor at Springbrook, referred to the event as a correlation between maintaining positive grades and work ethic in school to the successes that can be experienced after schooling. 

“A Reality Fair gives our eighth grade students a taste of reality for what it costs to live on their own,” Ely said. “Research shows that a student’s GPA tends to correlate to education levels and income after high school.”

Julia Ely, left, a counselor at Springbrook Middle School in Adrian, looks over Brayden Kennedy’s monthly ledger during a Reality Fair hosted March 29 in the Adrian High School gymnasium. The event was designed for eighth graders at Springbrook.

To determine how much money each student was able to spend, they were assigned a “salary” based upon their most recent trimester grades. Once that number was figured out, students were able to visit each of the participating businesses and booths around the gymnasium where they had to make financially sound decisions when it came to things like housing, groceries, utilities, insurance, transportation, entertainment and dining.

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