Reduce plastic waste – buy in bulk, save money

Jam dispensers in action at the Edgewater Resort and Spa. SUPPLIED/ 23011329

Tourism is the largest income generator for the Cook Islands by a large margin. However, single use plastic waste generated by the tourism industry is a major contributor to the waste ending up in our landfill. This is not sustainable, writes Te Ipukarea Society.

Locally owned retail store, Paradise Supplies, located on the main road in Panama,offers a niche eco-friendly service for
local accommodations and households to help reduce packaging waste.

By offering refillable products that range from
cleaning products to now tasty jams, it’s becoming even more possible for
businesses and families to reduce the pressure on our landfill.   

So how does the refillable service work?

In-store there are options of either refilling or bulk
buying cleaning products for your benches and floors including disinfectants,
laundry powder and dishwashing liquid, as well as hand soap.

Whatever refillable cleaning product you choose, they
all come in concentrated amounts, saving you even more money as you are not
having to use as much.

Depending on your cleaning job a refill bottle marked
with the correct measurements for product dilution helps ensure people do not
use more than necessary so you get more bang for your buck.

The newest dispenser edition which has got local
accommodations excited is the jam and honey dispenser range.

These jam dispensers are aimed at encouraging local
accommodations to make the switch from the small single use plastic wrapped
breakfast spreads to bulk refillable supplies from the pictured dispenser.

This alternative option not only reduces the amount of
single use waste ending up in our already overflowing landfill but also has
financial benefits, saving you money in the long run….

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