Published: 4/15/2022 7:01:21 AM

Modified: 4/15/2022 7:00:13 AM

Regarding Joe Mendola’s letter (Monitor, 4/9) I’d like to invite Joe to come out from under his rock and enjoy the sun. He thinks commercial grid batteries don’t yet exist, despite an Australia utilities saving $156 million over 24 months: 175% of the entire cost of installing, in 2017, a 100 MW grid battery which eliminates the need to buy expensive power from peaker plants.

The NH Cooperative has also installed grid batteries. Joe also believes we should continue with our use of fossil fuels because China is not installing renewables fast enough, which repeats but entirely misses the point of a ditty my dad used to say about driving a night, “here lies the body of John McFizz, they wouldn’t dim theirs, he wouldn’t dim his.”

Bob Irving


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