Ricky Rubio raises his voice in the face of racism:

Phoenix Suns player Ricky Rubio showed his support for the demands of the Black Lives Matter movement on Tuesday and raised his voice against racism: « We should put ourselves much more in the place of others. The beauty of the world is its diversity in think and live: that’s the magic « .


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Rubio applauded the athletes who are « using their voice and recognition for a good cause » and assured that he would like to be there – these days he is in El Masnou (Barcelona), his hometown – to show his support for the demands of the Black population after the murder of George Floyd by a police officer.

« Many people believe that there is not so much, but it is society that has assumed something normal that is not. It is a very complicated situation, with many people tired of living uncomfortable situations just because of their skin color, » he said.

The Suns player gave an example of what he experienced during this pandemic to face the future and put an end to racism: « We have been able to see that only with union can we get out of it. »

Fight against cancer

The foundation of basketball player Ricky Rubio, the Novartis pharmaceutical company and the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO) are planning a new waiting room for cancer patients, in this case at the Can Ruti hospital in Badalona (Barcelona), which seeks to « humanize « this difficult experience.

The Rubio foundation has already co-financed a room for cancer patients and their families, inaugurated at the end of last year at the Dexeus University Hospital, and is now continuing this task by collaborating on this new project, which wants to « contribute to the humanization of spaces intended for cancer patients and their families. « 

The Catalan player, world champion with the Spanish team, lost his mother to cancer and since then has been involved in projects related to this disease.

The initiative was announced on Tuesday at a telematic press conference, although the room is not expected to materialize for more than a year.

In any case, the objective is to make a « much-needed » waiting room for cancer patients at the ICO center in Badalona, ​​which « humanizes » the difficult times patients spend in the hospital, often under dim light and sad white walls. .

« If the environment tends to be negative, it is much worse » for the treatment of the patient, said Rubio, who recalled how his mother’s health improved when, when she was ill, she received a surprise visit from her son, who traveled from the States United to spend a few days with her.

In the words of the ICO general director, Dr. Candela Calle, the aim is to liven up waiting times with « a more playful space » and color, so that the environment is « more humanized and more friendly » and, in it , families can feel « safe » and « more accompanied » emotionally.

The space has not yet been designed, Calle has delved into questions from journalists, but the will is to do « something truly unique » that is « different ».

The ICO works with « an absolutely comprehensive view » in caring for cancer patients, in which the « biopsychosocial » aspect that Rubio wants to provide is essential.

Thus, « that Ricky is the friendly face of the project is very important », given that this player « brings together the values » that ICO professionals also have.

Novartis Oncology CEO José Marcilla has said that the three-way alliance reached is summarized in three values: teamwork, effort and commitment.

He also pointed out that « humanization is essential » to face diseases and noted that, in his opinion, « one of the great challenges of the future is to ensure that digitization contributes to humanization and not to automation ».

During his speech, Rubio recalled the figure of Luca de la Vega, a child treated for cancer – whom he has now overcome – with whom the forward of Masnou came into contact, whom he offered motivational support through messages and videoconference already who even invited to watch an NBA game in the US.

For Rubio, Luca’s case exemplifies how to deal with diseases: « It gave me a life lesson. It is not fair that a 12-year-old must go through that. But even so, instead of staying at home and Being sad, I wanted to show that I could do many things. « 

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