Road Beat: Review – 2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid will save you money | South Lake Tahoe

Outrageously good fuel economy makes this an easy recommendation. Do you care about driving? No? Good. Do you care about saving money at the pump and transporting yourself in a reliable fashion? Good! Sounds like the Corolla Hybrid is for you. The Toyota Corolla Hybrid knows exactly what it is, and what it wants to be: This is pure transportation and nothing more. It has only two missions: to get you where you need to be while using as little gasoline as possible. It’s actually crazy to think Toyota hasn’t sold a Corolla Hybrid before in the United States. Maybe they thought it would take sales away from the Prius, which it should, as this new model proves the Prius is a lie – the Prius is only ugly because they decided to make it ugly, not because of efficiency. Yes, the Corolla Hybrid gets 95 percent of the same economy all while having greater performance and not looking like a Dr. Seuss creation gone awry on absinthe. Yes, I averaged 50 MPG during my time with the Corolla Hybrid. 5-0. Buy it for that alone; Many already have.

Why buy?

As stated, the gas mileage – the incredibly good gas mileage. As fuel prices across the country have crept up, a machine that sips such little petrol has become all the more appealing. While I fell short of the 52 MPG government-EPA claim, a real-world 50 is nothing short of stupendous. You’re not going to be buying a Corolla Hybrid because you like driving, or if you do, you have something fun that sits in the garage six days a week instead. No, you’re going to want this car because you want to save on gas – it’s that simple. That 50 MPG figure I attained, by the way, was with lots of full-throttle accelerating at times, so I think it’s easy to be confident in getting even more if…

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