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UK data watchdog hits British Airways with $26m fine

20.10.2020 – 01:16 UTC

The United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has fined British Airways (BA, London Heathrow) GBP20 million pounds (USD26 million) for failing to protect the personal and payment card details of around 430,000 of its customers and staff, the subject of a 2018 cyber attack, it said in a statement explaining its actions on October 16.

An ICO investigation found that the airline was processing a significant amount of personal data without adequate security measures in place. This broke data protection law and, subsequently, BA was the victim of a cyber-attack, on June 22, 2018, which it failed to detect until a third party noticed it two months later, on September 5.

“Their failure to act was unacceptable and affected hundreds of thousands of people, which may have caused anxiety and distress as a result,” said Elizabeth Denham, information commissioner, adding that the fine was the ICO’s biggest to date. “When organisations take poor decisions around people’s personal data, that can have a real impact on people’s lives. The law now gives us the tools to encourage…

Sale of Ireland’s Stobart Air in jeopardy

13.10.2020 – 14:11 UTC

Talks between Falko Regional Aircraft, a lessor that controls CityJet (WX, Dublin Int’l), and Stobart Group over the sale of Irish regional specialist Stobart Air (RE, Dublin Int’l) are in jeopardy as the future of the latter’s crucial contract with Aer Lingus (EI, Dublin Int’l) is uncertain, the Irish Independent has reported.

While some unnamed sources said that the negotiations had all but collapsed over a number of factors, including Stobart Air’s USD100 million liabilities, other sources said that talks were ongoing but an offer had yet to be tabled.

Stobart Air currently depends entirely on its regional contract with Aer Lingus, wherein it operates all of its aircraft – one ATR42-600 and twelve ATR72-600s – under the Aer Lingus Regional brand. However, reports have recently surfaced that Aer Lingus launched a tender for an operator of these services after the end of 2022, instead of extending the current deal with Stobart Air. Should Stobart Air lose the contracts, its business model would be in jeopardy.


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