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Completely sells out in one single transaction! is proud to announce the success of their private presale Safex Platinum tokens. On June 11 2020, one anonymous user purchased 44 Ethereum worth of Safex Platinum and Safeth Cash in a matter of one minute. In total, the anonymous user purchased 500K Safex Platinum with a bonus of 5 million Safeth Cash, totaling approximately $11,000 at the time of the transaction. This sold out the entire presale of the Safex Platinum tokens. Identification of this transaction can be reviewed below, congratulations anonymous user!

Furthermore, and in direct consequence to their seed funding, Safeth is pleased to announce the hiring of their first developer which has already began work on This will be the official ICO portal website. is anticipating a complete sell out of the first tier starting July 4th 2020, with all other subsequent tiers expected to do just as well!

For your chance to participate in the Safex Platinum ICO and be able to stay up to date on all the latest development updates from team Safeth, please visit

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