Save big on travel with these three money-saving deals

With weather warming up, it might be time to finally plan those previously canceled getaways. Stop dreaming about that exotic location and start putting the wheels in motion with help from these three amazing deals that will help you not only plan your trip, but save big along the way. And depending upon which items you buy, if your purchase costs more than $125, use coupon code SPRING20 and take $20 off in honor of the Spring Refresh sale.

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Want to find the cheapest flights available automatically? Don’t waste money scrolling through tons of websites and find plane tickets for the lowest prices with a premium subscription to TravelHacker. It uncovers low airfare deals and even tells you the reopening status and restrictions present in 124 countries and over 3,800 airports around the world, while helping you save on average $200 to $500 for each ticket you book… which really adds up if you’re taking the whole family.

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A Premium Plus+ Lifetime Subscription to Dollar Flight Club can also help families keep costs down. Save up to $2,000 on a trip to a dreamy destination in business, premium economy or economy class. This service hunts for the deals on both international and domestic fares so you don’t have to, scoring tickets for luxurious locations like Hawaii for $129 roundtrip. And this lifetime subscription means you’ll save on vacations for the rest of your life, amounting to a pretty hefty savings year after year.

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Once you’ve saved on your flights, it’s time to shave some buckaroos off your lodging. A one-year…

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