Save democracy and support public education. Follow the money.

Reclaim Idaho is advancing a ballot question to raise up to $323 million a year in support of K-12 education. Even with a recent funding increase from the Legislature, advocates say that Idaho will likely remain last among the 50 states in per pupil spending, teachers will continue to leave, and the career/technical ladder will remain inadequate. Yet the question’s opponent, Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) not only wants to crush public education, it wants to crush democracy.

I learned something in 2016 in Massachusetts while exposing the dark money behind a school privatization ballot question from Families for Excellent Schools (FES): we need to unmask the hidden figures who are doling out the millions behind upbeat sounding fronts. In Massachusetts it was the Walton family and Boston hedge funders. In Idaho, it’s most likely Charles Koch and allies.

IFF’s biggest known subsidizers include Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund, both vehicles for hiding money donated by Charles Koch and other anti-public education oligarchs. These operations allow wealthy individuals to scrub their identities from donations that go to unpopular causes.

According to the Idaho Statesman between 2010 and 2017 Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund donated $698,100 to IFF. Donors Capital Fund’s contributions amounted to up to 43 percent of IFF’s donations in a given year. (IFF’s president Wayne Hoffman denied receiving substantial contributions from Koch). IFF is a member of the Koch network-allied State Policy Network; from 2009 on, IFF received $313,350 from SPN. The Charles Koch Institute has donated directly to IFF.

Hoffman has boasted of the aid IFF has received from the Koch-related American Legislative Exchange Council. IFF has been a “Watchdog Partner” of the Franklin News Foundation, which has been…

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