Save huge money on back-to-the-office clothing

Millions of Americans are returning to the office this spring for the first time in two years. That means it may be time to update the wardrobe.

But with inflation up, and the stock market down, many people don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on new clothing.

Linda Swain needs to upgrade from leggings now that she’s no longer working from home, but she’s not worried about breaking the bank.

That’s becuase she’s buying her clothing used at Goodwill. That’s right: Goodwill.

“I look fabulous, and I feel fabulous,” she said. “I save a whole bunch, a lot, hundreds of dollars.”

It can be frightening to think about the cost of dressing for the office: If one outfit can cost $100 or more, buying enough clothing for 5 days a week can cost you $600 or $700.

Goodwill’s Michael Flannery said, “I wear a dress shirt and khaki pants. If I were to buy these at a store or online, they would cost me $50 apiece.”

But Sharon Hannon says their resale shops can outfit you for just a fraction of that.

“At Goodwill, we have such a vast array for fashions that are available,” she said. “Everything from business suits to little black dresses.”

She showed several designers dresses they had, in popular sizes, for $7.99. As in seven dollars, not seven hundred.

They even offer slightly used men’s sports coats for less than $10 each.

Upscale clothing for less

But if Goodwill is not really your thing, or you simply want some help putting together a coordinating outfit, you may want to check out a clothing consignment shop.

Donna Speigel, owner of the Snooty Fox consignment chain, sells top-quality designer names at one-third the price.

She says her trained salespeople will make putting an outfit together less intimidating.

“We can really supply the clothing, the handbag, the accessories, everything you need to go out and look your best ad look…

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