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Save money by shredding and slicing your cheese products/Gin Lee

With today’s economy, pinching pennies has become a real thing. Whether we like having to or not. Shredding and slicing cheese is just one way that I pinch pennies to make the most of my dollars, because let’s face it, every penny does add up.

Yes, I know it’s a complete hassle to shred and slice cheese. The first option most people choose probably is to buy cheese that’s already pre-shredded and pre-sliced. However, by purchasing blocks of cheese and shredding and slicing it yourself, it does save money. Plus, it doesn’t have all the additional preservatives in it, so you’re actually going to purchase a better for you product.

Five pound loaf (brick) of white American garlic cheese/Gin Lee

I buy cheese in bulk, that is in five-pound blocks for each type of cheese that we use. I cook a lot and I use different types of cheeses. So I like making sure that I have plenty on hand. I also invested money on purchasing a stainless steel cheese slicer and bought different types of cheese graters. That consisted of a one time purchase and it’s been worth it.

Shredding cheese/Gin Lee

Why does shredding and slicing your own cheese save money?

It saves you money because when you purchase cheese that’s pre-sliced and pre-shredded, you’re paying more for all the extra packaging. In actuality, you’re getting less product, but more packaging.

Whether you buy five pounds of cheese or the smaller blocks doesn’t really matter. Almost any type of cheese can be sliced and shredded at home. (Unless it’s cottage cheese or nacho cheese in jars.)

Storing shredded cheese in freezer bags/Gin Lee

Cheese can then be packaged at home in freezer bags, etc. Then stored inside the refrigerator and even the freezer. I prefer to use quart-sized freezer bags to package my cheese after…

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