Save money grocery shopping in Dubai: Best days to stock up your fridge at a lower cost

Dubai: When studying prices over the last two years, Your Money has found that the cost of food items stayed largely in check. When analysing the cost of poultry, seafood, fruits and vegetables, here are a few useful patterns that can assist a shopper in saving money in both the short run and even more so in the longer term.

During the course of these months, it was observed to be cost effective to buy fresh chicken during the start of the week, especially most Mondays. On the other hand the cost of seafood and vegetables were seen to be largely cheaper halfway through the week, and cost effective fruits could be ideally picked up towards the end of the week.

When studying prices over the last 26 months, Your Money has found that the cost of food items stayed largely in check.

Should I be worried about food price inflation?

As per the latest available data, global prices of five commodities – vegetable oil, dairy, meat, and sugar – were lower in October than in September, dropping for the fifth consecutive month, the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) noted earlier this month.

Before world prices started to dip in these past months, soaring raw material prices have had broad repercussions for households, and threaten a world economy trying to recover from the damage of the coronavirus pandemic. They help fuel food inflation, bringing more pain for families that are already grappling with financial pressure from the loss of jobs or incomes.

Emerging markets, in some cases already under pressure from weaker currencies, were particularly vulnerable because food costs make up a…

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