Save time, money and water with this popular style of landscape

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – With high temperatures and Waco’s current water conservation efforts in place, people are looking to save water wherever they can. Nowadays, having a green thumb can sometimes mean ditching the green in your yard all together.

If you’re looking to minimize your water usage or spend less time maintaining your yard, xeriscaping might be the solution for you. This yard style is prominent in western states where dry conditions are the norm but with record breaking heat, more Central Texans are adopting the style.

Carr DuPoy has a mix of traditional and xeriscaping landscaping styles at his Waco business. “We needed something low maintenance, we’re not gardeners, we’re in the welding supply business,” said DuPoy.

The low maintenance style and reduction of water usage that xeriscaping provides is just what DuPoy wanted for his business. In fact, he’s had this landscape style at his business for ten years now.

While xeriscaping doesn’t eliminate the need for watering altogether, it does significantly reduce watering amount and frequency.

“For us in Central Texas, McLennan County, it’s a way we can improve our landscaping, minimize certain plant material and water use requirements,” said Travis Williams of Fitzgerald’s Landscape.

Including plants that require less water is an ideal way to cut back on water usage while adding a pop of color to the landscape. Plants like yucca, cactus, salvias and lantanas are great for a xeriscape yard. Replacing grass with rock and mulch eliminates the need to mow, only requiring periodic weed pulling.

“If you need low maintenance and drought tolerance in your landscaping, I would say xeriscaping’s the way to go,” said DuPoy.

As more than half of McLennan County is classified as experiencing exceptional drought, xeriscaping is a great option…

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