Saving money on gas this Easter weekend

Prices may be down a bit, but you can save more.

SAN ANTONIO — Half of all Americans say they’ll travel this spring, with the majority over Easter weekend. We took a look at ways for you to save money on gas if you are hitting the highways.

According to AAA, 75 percent of adults say they would change their driving habits if the cost of gasoline hits $5 a gallon. So with gas prices below that, many are driving to their Easter weekend celebrations. 

“I think people are starting to feel a little bit more comfortable getting together last Easter, and I think we’re continuing to see that this year so we can expect a bit more in the way of traveling,” said Brian Martucci, a science editor from Money Crashers.

There are many possible myths about gas that we want to bust to help save you money. First, it is said that cruise control saves gas. Not always! An alert driver can press down on the gas pedal more gently than cruise control may react.

‘Topping off the tank gets you more mileage.’ Maybe, but it could hurt your evaporative emissions system by topping off your tank. 

Next, ‘no A/C and rolled down windows gets you more gas mileage.’ Nope! By rolling down the windows it creates more drag making the car work harder.

‘Premium gas is better for your car.’ High octane fuel is actually only meant for high-performance cars, not your average sedan. Follow your owners manual.

Finally, ‘off-brand gas will hurt your car.’ Nah. All gas has to meet the same standards. Just find the cheapest and…

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