Saving money tips: How Sandy saved $100,000.

Sandy shared three money tips that helped her achieve big financial goals in just a few short years:

1. Be willing to change your money mindset.

“My eyes were opened to how money works and how to build wealth. It made me realise how little I knew and how many misconceptions I had about money. So, I had to be open-minded and willing to challenge my assumptions and beliefs about things like investing and saving money,” Sandy said.

Looking back, Sandy considers the change in mindset critical to the success she’s been able to achieve. 

“There were a lot of things like investing which I didn’t understand and so I had a lot of assumptions about it. I thought it was too risky and complicated, so I never thought I could be an investor.

“But once I understood how money works and how it all fits together, it changed how I saw my whole life,” Sandy explained. 

“I started to see what investing could do for my life and it was exciting. That motivated me to take action. But if I hadn’t been willing to let go of my old mindset, I would never have been able to make the progress I did!”

2. Get clear on your goals and what you really want.

Before gaining financial literacy, Sandy didn’t have a clear idea of why she was spending money and what her goals were. 

Without that clarity, saving money felt like a chore, and Sandy frequently felt caught between her desire to enjoy spending, and her desire to be responsible with her money.

“Saving money always used to feel like a chore. It felt restrictive. But now, I am clear on my goals and what I really want, and that changed my relationship with saving and spending. 

“Suddenly, I felt a lot more motivated to save money because I had things I was saving for that I was actually excited about. I no longer felt like I had to force myself to save money, or hold back on spending, because I…

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