Saving the planet and money during Black Friday 2022 — Retail Technology Innovation Hub

RTIH: Why should people shop with you over other retailers/brands during Black Friday?

BM: To be honest, you might be able to find a few deals here and there that might beat our discounts.

But, those tend to be few and far between and require a lot of time searching for the best deal just to save an extra 5%. On smartphones in particular, you likely won’t be able to get the best deal unless you’re trading in a newer phone model.

On Back Market, we have the highest discounts on average for tech products where you can typically find prices up to 70% off compared to new with free standard shipping.

Compared to other used electronic sites, we also put our vendors through a rigorous screening process to ensure the device is performing similar to new.

If that wasn’t enough, all our products come with a 30-day money back guarantee and at least a 12-year warranty. So, there’s really no reason to shop elsewhere during Black Friday, or any other day of the year for that matter. 

RTIH: How important is Black Friday to Back Market, given that you emphasise good deals for life, not just Black Friday?

BM: Black Friday is just another Friday to us. Yes, we typically do see an increase in orders and trade-ins, but what matters more is that we’re building confidence in consumers to buy used and refurbished tech.

So, while it is important for us to be seen as an option for people to shop on Black Friday, this holiday event is just another day to do what we do best – provide the best deals and discounts on electronics for people to save money and reduce e-waste.

RTIH: Traditionally many consumers have had prejudices about recycled and repaired gadgets? Is this still an issue and, if so, how do you tackle it, particularly during the holiday season?

BM: This is just the type of thinking that Back Market is here to change.

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