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SCOPULY – Global Decentralized Crypto Asset Trading

In Scopuly, you can store, receive / send, decentralized trading of different types of crypto assets, issue tokens, deposit / withdraw fiat currency, as well as carefully analyze all the most relevant and important data from the Stellar blockchain.

Secure Crypto Wallet

Multi-currency cross-border payments without intermediaries. Confirmation of transactions 3-5 seconds and very low transaction costs ≈ $ 0.00003.Issue tokens, exchange tokens for Fiat and back. Trade in the most progressive markets and tokens directly from your wallet.

High security and clean interface

Add more than one transaction signer to the account. Full access to the secret key. Only the user owns the funds on the purses and no one else – the secret key is only in his possession.

We tried to make the complicated easy to understand and convenient to use. Easy and clean adaptive interface comes along with powerful features for managing your account.

Decentralized Crypto Asset Trading

Trade in crypto assets in the global decentralized SDEX market without intermediaries and commissions.

No fees for trading tokens. No fees for canceling / editing exchange orders. No need to wait for miners to confirm your transactions.

Asset Tokenization

Tokenization opens new spaces for business and finance. Practical digitization of assets.

Tokens will be tied to companies, global corporations and people. Will rush on social networks and in any markets.

Block Explorer

Search through Stellar data arrays and analyze all transactions, assets and addresses.

The ranking of assets during a search is determined by a set of network trust parameters by API.

More information: SCOPULY

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