Scots expert shares ‘best advice’ for families looking to save money on food

Cheap meals can a challenge, but one expert has set out to share the best money-saving tips online.

As the Scottish author of three cookbooks helping struggling families, Lorna Cooper is an aficionado of cheap meals.

The Paisley-based mum started off seven years ago with sharing tips on her popular Facebook page called Feed your family for about £20 a week.

The blogger’s practical advice on how to make meals with meat go farther was appreciated by her almost 571,000 followers.

She frequently posts ways families can save money, including a recent rundown on frugal ways to shop and cook.

Her list of top 10 ways to cut food costs is a great starting off point.

Bulk buy if you can

In a recent Facebook post, she wrote: “With the cost of living constantly rising, I thought I’d share my best advice on saving money.”

Lorna then shared her most helpful tips from shopping smart to saving time.

How to save money on food and cheap meals

  1. Meal plan and write a shopping list.
  2. Make your own price index – on your phone, in your head or on a piece of paper – a rough guide to how much things you often buy cost and where from.
  3. Check the price per kg/unit – special offers aren’t always cheaper.
  4. Shop smart rather than shop around – go to a different shop each week instead of four different ones every week.
  5. Bulk buy if you can. If you can’t afford to, then share bargains with a friend or relative.
  6. Eat seasonally – seasonal fruit and veg are cheaper. If you want something out of season, buy frozen or tinned.
  7. No food waste! Freeze food that is going to go out of date and use up leftovers in other dishes.
  8. Batch cooking doesn’t have to mean cooking all day for the week ahead. When you are cooking dinner, make two and freeze one for…

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