Seven low-cost household items to help you save money on energy bills this year

Gas and electricity bills for around 22 million households across the UK shot up by £693 per year from April 1 in-line with Ofgem’s 54 per cent increase to the energy price cap.

This means the average household energy bill will rocket to around £1,971 per year while homes on pre-payment meters will see costs go up by £708 to £2,017. Prices are expected to go up again when Ofgem reviews the price cap in August, with the change coming into effect at the start of October.

However, there are several handy household items that you can buy to keep the heat inside your home and energy costs down.

Online marketplace OnBuy has compiled a list of the best low-cost items that could help you slash your energy bills as we head into summer.

ThermAll Radiator Heat Reflector – £8.49

Placing a thin strip of reflector foil behind your radiator is a simple and accessible method to help reduce heat loss in the house.

Acting as a barrier, the foil ensures heat is reflected into the room, which can save up to 70% of heat that’s normally lost into the wall.

Foldable Extra-Large 3 Tier Clothes Airer – £28.99

While convenient, using a tumble dryer regularly consumes a lot of energy, which can add a small fortune to your monthly energy bill.

A drying rack, or clothes horse, is a great way to dry clothes indoors without blocking radiators or using up a lot of electricity.

Energy efficient lightbulbs – £7

Replacing your current light bulbs with LED lights such as the Osram B22d 30 Watt Halogen Eco Bulb is a clever way to save money for the long-haul and cut your carbon emissions at the same time.

Lighting makes up 11 per cent of the average UK household electricity consumption, and if you switch to LED lights you could also reduce your carbon dioxide emissions by…

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