‘She never has enough money’: I was adopted by a wealthy family, but my biological grandma says I need to financially support her — and buy her a condo

By Quentin Fottrell

‘My grandma stayed at my house rent-free, and refused to pay her share of the utilities’

Dear Quentin,

My biological mom died when I was a toddler, and the state felt that my grandmother wasn’t appropriate as a placement given that they found she had mental-health issues at that time. I was adopted by an upper-class family, and all communication with my biological grandma was prohibited after the adoption.

Fast forward to when I turned 18 and we reconnected. She was still working as a temp secretary with a low income. She immediately began hinting that she needed money, and threatening a lawsuit if I got hurt on a vacation we took together. My grandma stayed at my house rent-free, and refused to pay her share of the utilities.

While she stayed with me, she could not stop talking and walking around in circles with her purse under her arm. She handed me a $20 bill every week or two for “room and board.” I told her that if she stayed with us, she would have to bring her own bed, because she could not take my son’s room. She made a beeline for that room and kicked him out.

She ate and drank, and contributed nothing to the grocery bill. She told me that since my family’s probate was finishing up and I would be the sole heir, I am required to buy her a condo, as she can’t keep living in a motel because “I am the only blood relative you have.” She said I need to support her in her old age.

A lawyer told me that when I was adopted, the law no longer recognized her as my family. But she has alluded to suing if I don’t support her or buy her this condo or house, or at least pay her rent for an apartment. She gets $1,200 a month in Social Security, and we have no clue why she never has enough money.

We finally got her out of the house after we told her we did not have enough steaks for dinner that night — the dog got into a pack — and she would have to get her own supper. She snuck into my house and took her stuff and, we think, some of mine.

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